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Henry Highland Garnet, prominent Black abolitionist. Garnet was born into slavery before his family escaped to freedom in New York City. As an activist, he famously called for slaves to take up arms against their masters, particularly in his 1843 speech, "An Address to the Slaves of the United States."


William Lloyd Garrison (December 10, 1805 – May 24, 1879) was a prominent American abolitionist, journalist, and social reformer. He is best known as the editor of the abolitionist newspaper The Liberator, and was one of the founders of the American Anti-Slavery Society. He promoted "immediate emancipation" of slaves in the United States. Garrison was also a prominent voice for the women's suffrage movement.


Sisters Sarah Grimke and Angelina Grimke Weld were unlikely abolitionists, growing up to slave-holding parents splitting time between a stately townhouse in Charleston and a plantation in Beaufort. After the Civil War, they also took up activism for women's rights.


William Lloyd Garrison was an abolitionist who created "The Liberator." Williams Lloyd Garrison was an anti-slavery newspaper writer.


A small group of thoughtful, committed citizens - William Lloyd Garrison, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Rachel Carson, Helen Keller, Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Harvey Milk, Anne Frank, Miep Gies, Margaret Mead herself.


Members of the Pennsylvania Abolition Society, with well-known abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison seated bottom right.