There is nothing I hate more than when people won't share food with me. Or when people are afraid to eat food around me... No just NO! I defiantly won't be afraid to eat around you sooo yeah!!!

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I love when you lead me and take charge your tender assertiveness is one of your most magnetic qualify........ I.

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Because i feel deep, i need deep. Have deep conversations with me, and we can be deep together.

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<3 Win My Heart…. look at the sides of his hands :) the most loving thing we could ever do for one another is to pray for others… fight and battle for them :)

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The Boyfriend Store

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Win My Heart!! You have to be able to deal with the food I eat, and understand what kinds make me happy.

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Don't cheat, and if you do well then PLEASE tell me. No I won't be happy, but at least you had the guts to tell me

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