Two young film-makers from Northamptonshire will have their work shown at the National Media Museum next week. Spot the Zebra by 12-year-old Sophie Oliver and The Wobbly Tooth by Katie White, also 12, who both attend Winchester House School in Brackley, will be screened at the Co-operative Young Film-Makers Festival. The entries were chosen from more than 250 productions by young film-makers, schools, youth groups, arts groups, colleges and video workshops.

EARLIER this year the BBC aired a programme called The Prison Restaurant about a restaurant with a difference.

Winchester House, San Jose, CA

Winchester Mystery House is located in California. It was commissioned by Sarah Winchester who said spirits had told her to build an outlandish designed house. This house contained many things in bulk of thirteen which to Sarah was, superstitious.

winchester house - in San Jose, CA    A Real haunted house I've been there! Great place to visit.

6 Paranormal Travel Destinations

winchester house - in San Jose, CA A Real haunted house. Been here sophomore year if high school, it was nuts!

Adam Knibb builds timber house extension above a driveway.

Adam Knibb builds timber house extension above a driveway

British architect Adam Knibb has extended a house in a converted school in Winchester, England, by building a timber box above a seldom-used entryway

Idiots online #38

Apparently an iPod fully filled with music is heavier than when it's first made by point something something. I just remember seeing it at the upside down house when I was smaller down I myrtle beach.

House Supernatural

House Supernatural