Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas When you use the wind direction map link, you hover over the arrow for your county airport, you get this lovely pop-up that shows you: wind speed (and gusts if applicable); wind directionl; cloud cover; etc. it's an awesome website for planning your ride. wind direction map... when you hover for a LONG time over your county's airport arrow, you go from the wind speed/direction pop-up to this one - which tells you sunrise, sunset & phase of the moon... perfect for planning that moonlit romp.

1 site wind analysis An example of wind-rose diagram, with the change of colour intensity, the micro-scale of wind movement around the buildings are recorded. It registers the wind velocity and wind direction in different months, also humidity.


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How to Read a Weather Map

How to Read a Weather Map and Understand the Symbols: Wind Barbs Show Wind Direction and Speed in Knots

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Nice neighborhood map and directions from Crayola!

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Compass and Wind Rose Icons Set

Compass and Wind Rose Icons Set - Miscellaneous Icons

Wind map of the U.S. by, a collaboration between Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg

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Stunning interactive map traces the course of the wind

Wind Map pulls in hourly data from the National Digital Forecast Database, tracing wind speed and direction in near real-time while providing nationwide maximum and average figures. The result is something remarkably similar to NASA's Perpetual Ocean video, only Wind Map is an interactive, zoomable, and constantly changing project.