Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas wind direction map... when you hover for a LONG time over your county's airport arrow, you go from the wind speed/direction pop-up to this one - which tells you sunrise, sunset & phase of the moon... perfect for planning that moonlit romp.

1-km resolution wind direction map developed for a region in southern Texas, using RESPR atmospheric simulation technology. No site measurements were required to develop this map. When you use the wind direction map link, you hover over the arrow for your county airport, you get this lovely pop-up that shows you: wind speed (and gusts if applicable); wind directionl; cloud cover; etc. it's an awesome website for planning your ride.

Wind + Swell Diagram - Zean Macfalane The diagram juxtapose parametrics of wind velocity, wind direction along side with the monthly variation, prevailing wind all in a single concise diagram


Group B; National Geographic Magazine. The map shows the data of wind direction, temperature and pressure in a storm by using arrows, colouring and line types respectively.


1 site wind analysis An example of wind-rose diagram, with the change of colour intensity, the micro-scale of wind movement around the buildings are recorded. It registers the wind velocity and wind direction in different months, also humidity.


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