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Preschool Wind Activities Using Household Objects

Teach children about the power of wind with these simple and fun Preschool Wind Activities. Learning about the wind is a science lesson…


Terrifying tornado sends China schoolgirl flying into the air A freak tornado violently struck a playground in China where students were gathered for a sports day Wednesday, causing several moments of terror as a schoolgirl was swept off her feet and into the air by the strong, spiraling wind current. The chaotic incident occurred at 4:25 p.m. at the Yuanquan Town Elementary School in Guazhou County in the Gansu Province, according to the People’s Daily Online and South China Morning Post


A huge wave of dust swept over the coast of Western Australia on Wednesday, Jan. 9,2013. A Bureau of Meteorology forecaster explained to The West Australian that the striking view was created when the sand and dust was mixed into a thunderstorm's wind and rain.