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Silent rooftop wind turbines could generate half of a household's energy needs

Silent rooftop wind turbines could generate half of a household's energy needs, adding solar panels as well could take the home off the power grid.


French company New Wind has created a wind "turbine" in the shape of a tree. It's designed for parks, homes, businesses and other small-scale applications. The "leaves" harness wind energy even at low winds and don't make noise. We can't wait for these trees to be available commercially for use at homes worldwide!


Wind energy is continuous, permanent and developing fast, thus, it equates the inevitable population growth and rising energy demand. Source: To learn more visit our Knol at Everything you need to know about solar power learn more at

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Sleek Wooden Wind Turbine Is an Antidote to NIMBYism

Sleek Wooden Wind Turbine would look great in our yard. My long term goal is to use as much solar and wind energy as possible to power our home. I would love to be 'off the grid'.


Energy companies around the world buy off lobbyists and policymakers to ensure that they will continue to have a choke hold on how we receive our energy. We need to turn away from fossil fuels today so that our children have a world to live in. Let's look to solar and wind energy, our renewable sources, as our only opportunities for making that change today. Sweden has just announced that they will be the first company in the world to change 100% to renewable energy sources to power their…