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Choose the finish on your wine dispenser to suit your style! WineEmotion Wine Dispenser

8-bottle dual temperature model for 4 white wines and 4 red wines simultaneously. Perfectly preserved and dispensed at correct temperatures. WineEmotion Wine Dispenser

Choose 3 different measures to dispense the wine, perfectly served WineEmotion Wine Dispenser

Great design that creates a wonderful showcase for your wines WineEmotion Wine Dispenser

Well, if this isn't the greatest thing ever! The stainless steel, temperature-controlled Discovery WineStation can hold and dispense up to four regular or magnum sized bottles of wine and preserve them for up to 60 days. - Traditional Home ® / Photo: John Merkl / Design: Christine Teicheira and Lauren Tapper


Napa Technology Introduces WineStation 3.0 The Most Advanced Wine Dispensing & Preservation System


Wine Dispensing Systems from By the Glass Wine Dispensers Canada


Wine barrel wine decanter wedding reception party wine by KMGstore

from Good Wine Coolers

Vinotemp Dual Zone Wine Dispenser and Wine Cooler

Vinotemp’s Dual-Zone Wine Dispenser and Cooler combines the convenience of a wine dispenser with the storing capacity of a wine cooler. With an approximate capacity of 88 bottles – 34 in the upper zone and 54 in the lower zone – the VT-100WINEDISP4 is perfect for commercial or home installations.