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3 Gallon Starter Wine Making Equipment Kit - GLASS $59.95 This site has tons of good tips and products for homemade wine and beer brews.

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One Gallon Mead and Wine Recipes

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Wine Making Equipment Deluxe Kit Home Supplies Accessories For Beginners

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FRUIT PRESS (SCREW DOWN) - Wine Making - Pressing Equipment and Fittings - Brewcraft Home Brew Kits | Wine Making | Perth Western Australia

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How-To: Brew Sake

Homemade sake DIY. Though it’s often referred to as rice wine, sake is produced using a grain-based brewing process more like that of beer. Surprisingly, sake is easy to make, requires only four ingredients, and can be made using basic beer-brewing equipment in about 12 to 15 days. Fermentation specialist Alastair Bland walks us through the eight steps.

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Used this recipe to make my first batch of mead. I will probably make a few more batches this way to see how it turns out and then start investing in some real homebrewing equipment. After reading several forums, this is supposed to work just fine to make it.

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How to Make Easy Homemade Wine (Red or White)

Ok, there are tons of homemade wine recipes on the internet. This is the lazy man's recipe that only requires TWO ingredients available at ANY grocery store and your wine will be ready to drink in one week or less. The taste will improve and alcohol...

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3 DIY wines you can make at home

Strawberry Wine Recipe. I've tried this wine for the first time when I was at the office of Befdord cleaners ( It's amazing!

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How to Make Wine from Grape Juice

How to make Wine from Supermarket Grape Juice with no Special Equipment or Ingredients

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