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Winston Churchill Children

Winston Churchill with His Mother, Lady Randolph Churchill Giclee Print by English Photographer at

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Archive Entertainment On Wire Image: Hulton Royals Collection

British statesman and prime minister Sir Winston Churchill (left) and King George VI on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, London, on VE Day.

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Winston Churchill (1874-1965) with fiancée Clementine Hozier (1885-1977) shortly before their marriage in 1908 - Winston Churchill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Winston Churchill II, grandson of Britain's Prime Minister Winston Churchill, returns to bomb-free London for a visit with his mother. 1942.

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The Queen and Winston Churchill 24 Nov 1954. Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill beams down upon Princess Anne, her hands demurely folded in a velvet muff, as she waited with her mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and brother, Prince Charles, at Waterloo Station, London, to welcome home the Queen Mother from the tour of the United States and Canada.

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By Associated Press

FILE - In this Nov. 24, 1954 file photo, Elizabeth II of England and Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, wait at Waterloo station for the Queen mother on ...

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Winston Churchill before he looked how we all picture him [15 pictures]

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On July 17th of 1915, Winston Churchill wrote the following letter, sealed it in an envelope bearing the instruction, "To be sent to Mrs Churchill in the event of my death," and then rejoined the army. Luckily his wife, Clementine, never had reason to open it. Churchill would become Prime Minister 25 years later. Transcript Do not grieve for me too much. I am a spirit confident of my rights. Death is only an incident & not the most important which happens to us in this state of…

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