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FunZone Equinox Multi-Speed Vibe, Winter >>> You can find more details by visiting the image link.

Iranian Persian Yalda Night. On the night of winter Equinox. Celebrating the end of shortest day- the start of the Sun's increasing light, triumphing over the darkness of winter, ending with the Spring Equinox, the amazing , colorful Norooz celebration, the festival of New Day, Sun's light of first day of Spring, the start of Iranian New Year.

from Green Child Magazine

Light Amidst Darkness: Celebrating the Winter Solstice

7 Ways to Enjoy the Winter Solstice with Your Child. Winter’s cold and darkness can be mild or intense, the drag of a chilly brown landscape or the drama of very early sunsets and deep snowdrifts. For many, winter begins to feel endless after a while. But at winter solstice—although those of us in northern climates still have plenty of cold to weather—the balance has...Read More »

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Winter Customs Around the World

Winter Customs Around the World: The winter season is celebrated in many ways around the world. |