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Pendragon: The Eight Wiccan Sabbats - Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Imbolg, Ostara ('Easter'), Beltane, Beltaine, Litha, Lughnassadh, Lammas, and Mabon

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Gal Meets Glam Winter Brights -Striped sweater, J.Crew jeans, Nicholas Kirkwood flats, Mansur Gavriel bag & ZanZan sunglasses

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Witches Sabbats P3 Imbolic -- (February 2) Also know as Candlemas or Imbolic, this holiday signals the end of winter's gloom and the anticipation of the coming spring for most witches and pagans. Candles to banish the darkness of the winter season are the symbols of this day. White and pastels are the colours for imbolic..Ostara -- (March 20 -22, depending on when the equinox falls) This holiday, also known as the Spring Equinox, celebrates the newness of spring and the rebirth of life

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Newgrange in Ireland. It's an ancient (older than Stonehenge!) monument that is lit by the sun only on the winter equinox.

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This is the official return of the young Goddess after her Winter hibernation. celebrated on March 21st The Spring Equinox is the point of equilibrium - when light and darkness are in balance but the light is growing stronger. The balance is suspended just before spring bursts forth from winter. Night and day are of equal length at the equinox, the forces of male and female are also in balance.

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The Ogham Grove is formed of the twenty traditional ogham trees placed in their correct sequence. READ:

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Winter Solstice

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