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Netgear wireless router

Netgear wireless router I used this for about 2 months and switched internet providers and they provided me with my own. I no longer need it. It is absolutely a great router. Other

Best cell phone carriers

Cell phone plans are dropping like a rock in cost. But who gets the highest overall rating among wireless providers?


Satellite Service Providers Australia: Now when you make a decision on where to set up camp, you don’t have to compromise, just because your 1st choice didn’t have mobile phone/wireless internet reception. With an ANT Portable Satellite Internet kit, every camp site can have internet and phone because you CAN get connected anywhere that you have a clear view of the northern sky.

Google Wifi: A new type of connected system for seamless Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home, helping eliminate dead zones and buffering Replaces your current router, and works your modem and internet service. It’s compatible with major internet service providers including Comcast, Time Warner, and Verizon Fios. {affiliate link}

Would it be possible, using p2p and wireless technologies, to gain independence from internet providers and make free and open net connectivity a reality? Andrea Lo Pumo, a young Italian mathematician has developed Netsukuku, a vision for an alternative wireless network that may represent a disruptive change for the Internet as we know it. Link:

Hira Call Android App - , Hira call is a Mobile VoIP dialer application that allows to make VoIP calls from any of the Android devices and it uses 3G/Edge/Wi-Fi Internet connectivity.It is developed based on the requirements of VoIP Providers business needsFeatures :-It uses SIP protocol based for signaling.Supports G729,PCMU, PCMA codecs.Runs Behind NAT or private IP.User Friendly Interface.Auto Sync of Balance.Real Time Sip status messages.Call History.Address book…

Join Express VoIP Softphone Android App - , Join Express is a VoIP client for Android. It works over Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE.Join Express pass trough mechanism delivers VoIP services even in blocked areas.NOTE: AN OPERATOR CODE IS REQUIRED, THE APPLICATION WORKS ONLY WITH ASSOCIATED PROVIDERS.PLEASE CONTACT YOUR VOIP OPERATOR FOR JOIN EXPRESS OPERATOR CODE.Main features:* Making and receiving VoIP calls* Integrated contacts from the phone* Loudspeaker* Favorites* Recent callsNote…