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Wireless Service

from WIRED

How Google’s New Wireless Service Will Change the Internet

Google says its new wireless service will operate on a small scale, providing a new way for relatively few people make calls, trade texts, and access the good old internet via their smartphones. But the implications are enormous.

from WIRED

How Google’s New Wireless Service Will Change the Internet

@mdjubairahmedhr : dannysullivan : Google Discussing Building Phone from theinformat

Sundar Pichai Just Inherited the Most High-Pressure Job at Alphabet

from CNET

Wireless service after Sandy -- what you need to know (FAQ)

In this edition of Ask Maggie, I answer reader questions about why there are so many disruptions in wireless service after Hurricane Sandy and when subscribers can expect service to be restored.

from PCMAG

Google Reveals 'Project Fi' Wireless Service

Google Reveals 'Project Fi' Wireless Service | News & Opinion |

from The Verge

Google allegedly close to launching its own wireless service using Sprint and T-Mobile

كشفت شركة “جوجل” الخميس عن نمو أرباحها وإيراداتها خلال الربع الثاني من العام الحالي، حيث بلغ صافي أرباح الشركة نحو 3.2 مليار دولار. وبلغت نسبة زيادة صافي أرباح شركة خدمات الإنترنت الأمريكية نحو 17% مقارنة بنفس الفترة من عام 2012، وذلك بالرغم من عدم تحقيق الشركة للإيرادات المتوقعة. وحققت “جوجل” ...

from CNNMoney

Why your wireless service sucks at sports games

The story of a baseball game shows just how bad wireless service gets when thousands gather in one small spot.

What to Consider before Choosing a Mobile Wireless Service while Travelling