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The paintings of Henry VIII's six wives in Parliament (Westminster). The wives of Henry VIII were the six queens consort wedded to .

The six badges, Personal Emblems, of the wives of Henry VIII.-Left to right:   Katharine of Aragon: a crowned Pomangranate, native of Spain.  Anne Boleyn: a crowned falcon, the Boleyn falcon.  Jane Seymour: a crowned pheonix, mythical creature representing immortality,  Anna of Cleves: The badge of Cleves.  Kathryn Howard: The Tudor Rose.  Catherine Parr: Tudor rose sprouting a crowned maiden.

6 wives of henry viii Katharine of Aragon: a crowned Pomangranate, native of…

Wives of Henry VIII | Six-Wives-of-Henry-VIII-the-six-wives-of-henry-viii-11609493-500-500 ...  All Cousins, except Anne of Cleves

From top left to bottom right - Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr

King Henry VIII's six wives. Catherine of Aragon (divorced); Anne Boleyn (beheaded); Jane Seymour (died); Anne of Cleves (divorced); Catherine Howard (beheaded); and Catherine Parr (predeceased by Henry VIII).

Henry VIII's break from Rome King Henry VIII's six wives. Catherine of Aragon (divorced); Anne of Cleves (divorced); and Catherine Parr (predeceased by Henry VIII).

Katherine of Aragón (Catalina de Aragón), married Prince Arthur on 14 November 1501 in Old St. Paul's Cathedral, London. She was born 16 December 1485 at the Archbishop’s Palace in Alcala de Henares near Madrid, Spain died 07 January 1536 at Kimbolton Castle, Cambridgeshire, England. Katherine was by birth related to both of Arthur's parents through the House of Lancaster.

Henry VIII Marries Catherine of Aragon: The Start of a 20 Year Marriage

By Michael Sittow. A young Catherine of Aragon, known at this age for her beauty. Daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, wife to Prince Arthur of England and, more famously, to his younger brother Henry VIII. Also mother of Mary I.

Catherine Parr (Katherine, Kateryn, Katheryne or Kathrine); 1512[1] – 5 September 1548) was Queen consort of England and Ireland and the last of the six wives of King Henry VIII of England. She married Henry VIII on 12 July 1543. She was the fourth commoner Henry had taken as his consort, and outlived him. She was also the most-married English queen, as she had a total of four husbands.

King Henry VIII and His Six Wives—Love, Marriage, and Children

SIxth and final wife of KIng Henry VIII, she outlived him. Believed to be painted by William Scrots.Wallpaper and background photos of Catherine Parr, Sixth Wife of King Henry VIII of England for fans of Kings and Queens images.

Divorced, Beheaded, Died,   Divorced, Beheaded, Survived

Biographies of all of King Henry VIII's wives, as well as study resources, books, etc.

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