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Himmler's witchcraft books discovered in Czech library after 50 years

Heinrich Himmler, SS chief under Hitler, was obsessed with the occult and mysticism...

WOD of the day at CrossFit kids. It's a good one if you do heavy deadlifts and handstand push-ups.


WOD of the Day: WOD 9 - Upper: 21-15-9 Pike Pushups, Dumbell Thrusters, Air Squats  FT. This is my spin on two of the girls (Diane & Fran). Sine I'm not at the level yet to do HSPU (Handstand Pushups ) I decided to do Pike Pushups until my body is strong enough to do HSPU's. Mixed in some Thusters and Air Squats and there you have it, my 21-15-9 Upper WOD. Shoulders, back, legs are taxed but feeling good knowing I'm getting stronger and trying new things to challenge my body. "Till Next…


WOD of the Day: 21-15-9 Upper Pike Pushups, Dumbell Thrusters, Air Squats  FT Decided to attack this one today and see what I could do. Really want to start building my shoulder strength and the pike Pushups is the start with the goal being able to do handstand pushups. We'll results today is a ne PR of 5min 49sec. Legs and arms were spent when I finished. "Till Next Time... Get After It..." @LitesOnFitns365, @mgame33, #crossfitgames, #crossfit, #WOD, #Fitness #Get_After_It

Rowing workout of the day from Concept2. Easy workout, 30 min. or less. #Concept2 #rowing #WOD #erg #workout #rowingmachine


Concept2 Rower Workout of the Day Short: 3x3 min/ 2 min easy (total 30 min) Medium: 5x6 min/ 2 min easy (total 45 min) Long: 6x2000m/ 2 min easy (total 60+min) click through for more details!