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Wold Of Tanks

Tanks out of combat during the fighting in Kursk, 1943

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A British Cromwell tank of the 7th Armoured Division guards the front line near Sittard in the Netherlands.

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A German Tiger 1 tank of the 3rd Battalion Panzer Regiment GrossDeutschland.

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The battle of Kursk.1943 Prohorovka-July 12,

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Allied troops coming out of the trenches on the Guillemont -Montauban road, Somme. 27 November 1916. 19 November 1916 Offensives ceased and the troops dug in. With winter closing in, the fighting was now suspended. Haig deemed the soldiers had done enough and resolved to resume the offensive in February.

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USS Saint Louis CL-49 after The Battle of Kolombangara, 07/13/1943. Took torpedo hit.

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Fullscale wooden mockup of Maus superheavy tank during official presentation before Adolf Hitler

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