Sand(female) siblings are Red and Mystic, parents are Wildpaw and Raintemper; Silly and careful. She loves messing with her siblings and her favorite spot to sleep in is just outside her mother's nursery den

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I love that my dog is silent unless he's warning strangers to back away (Then he sounds like a bear, so you should run!), but I'd love a howl every once in a while.

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Feeling powerless and being powerless are two very different things. As you take small steps towards your goals (no matter how you're feeling) you will discover that powerless is not who you are at all! Begin with Yes

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theanimaleffect: Grey Wolf Puppies Howling Near Den by Denver Bryan

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Sweet dreams little wolves... dream while you can. There may only be a few of you left in the world, and humans may be intent on hunting and slaughtering you until you finally succumb to extinction... but don't worry about that right now... just cuddle and sleep. <3

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