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White Wolf Art - Winter Wolf - Wolf Art - Wolf Symbolism - Wolf Painting - Wolf Wall Art

Wolf's Wisdom Includes: Facing the end of one's cycle with dignity and courage, Death and rebirth, Spirit teaching, Guidance in dreams and meditations, Instinct linked with intelligence, Social and familial values, Outwitting enemies, Ability to pass unseen, Steadfastness, Skill in protection of self and family, Taking advantage of change.

Ying and Yang wolves. White wolf represents good,and the black sun represent evil in good, while black wolf represents bad and white moon represents good in the evil

Onyx (She has the power of stars. She can rearrange them and trick others into thinking they're going the right way.)

Moonwolf, She-wolf, a beautiful wolf that can blow out stars into the night. Father is Waterwolf. Brother is Lightning Wolf.

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Every Breath I Take Art Print by Peter Williams

Every breath I take - Beautiful pastel painting of a howling wolf by Peter Williams

Spirit Wolf

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Jessica Ilyjessicaomg: Wolf ART--thinking this technique would be cool...watercolors

Wolf // Persevere Art Print by Amy Hamilton / (wolf,art,grey,grey wolf)

http://UpCycle.Club Black is too bright for us #OnlyBlue presents Jonna Lamminaho @upcycleclub

Finland Artist Jonna 'Scandy Girl' (Jonna Lamminaho) has created breathtaking fine art pieces that remind us to preserve nature and of.

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Black and White Wolfpack Art Print