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Cute Baby Wombats | one of the orphaned wombats in kate mooney s care on flinders island ...

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Utterly adorable ... a baby wombat Megan, you make this face sometimes and it's just as cute

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We are living in a society that belittles the wisdom of this animal totem. Wombat insists that recreation time is just as important (if not more important) than your responsibilities. It doesn't make a difference whether your commitments are aligned to work, family, studying, volunteering or something else. This animal totem is needed if you become unable to take regular time out for yourself, without guilt. When you struggle to say 'no' to others, when you give in to overtime, forget to…

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Fotografía de Nina Leen donde aparece una mujer de los años 50 0 60 parada sobre una calle de Nueva York

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