Japan women's judo coach accused of beatings to quit - Inquirer.net - Radio AustraliaJapan womens judo coach accused of beatings to quitInquirer.netAll Japan Judo Federation (AJJF) executive Koshi Onozawa speaks at a press conference in Tokyo on January 30, 2013 following a complaint by wrestlers to the Japanese Oly - http://news.google.com/news/url?sa=tfd=Rusg=AFQjCNGF6DCu_h41TM_EF7IW83VndHVCYAurl=http://sports.inquirer.net/84731/japan-womens-judo

Keiko Fukuda was the most decorated female judoka in the history of judo. She was the first woman to earn the 9th dan - when she was 93. Only 4'10" and less than 100 pounds she ran her own judo studio for nearly forty years. She passed away at 99 years old on February 9, 2013. http://www.obitoftheday.com/post/43075814851/keikofukuda

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26 basic bodyweight exercises you can do at home best exercises targeting each muscle group | Download this A4 Bodyweight Exercises Chart!/ I know this shows a guy, but women can do these, as well.

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No Karate Kid! @Optivion -Japanese women's judo coach resigns over claims he abused athletes

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Women's Judo. There's not a tougher women's sport out there.

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