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No-Pesticide Solution to Wood Boring Bees: Simple Wooden Bee Box to Kill Carpenter Bees

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Flower Bed Ideas for the Front of a House Facing East

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How to Keep Wood Boring Bees Away

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carpenter bee trap, I pinned this last year. Since then, my husband and I have built one and hung it. This thing works! Bees don't want to drill new holes if there's one already there and so one they go inside, they follow the light to get out, the bottle, and that's where they die because they're to dumb to go back through the wood to get out. It's easy to empty to, just screw another recycled water bottle on. Seriously, this is a cheap no brainer. We already had all the supplies we…

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Want to get rid of wood bees? Put up a "hornet's nest" (grey bag filled with plastic bags) Hornets are a natural enemy and wood boring bees will not trespass. This really works.

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