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Built in fire pit! Hard wood, charcoal, etc. Cook on grill over open flame, or in cast iron, and rotisserie / spit.

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Gypsy Caravan Stove Boat Heater Campervan RV Wood Charcoal Burner | eBay Tiny wood burning stove

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Molten aluminium is poured over the wood, filling the leftover spaces in the mould and completing the piece. The heat of the metal burns the edges of the wood and creates a line of charcoal between the two materials.

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Q Power TITAN12 Nissan 12-Inch Unloaded Box. Nissan Titan 12" Unloaded Box. All Boxes are Made with MDF Wood. Charcoal Carpet Covering.

Learn How to Smoke Meats on a Gas or Charcoal Grill with This Infographic
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Fiber Cement Siding Takes a Front Seat Not just a wood or vinyl substitute…

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