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Stain Color Guide - Minwax; we have 110 year old heart pine floors throughout the house; deciding on English Chestnut; porches are white oak; kitchen cabinets and thresholds are Kentucky Coffeetree

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In several of my designs I've installed beautiful hardwood flooring. The new wood floors have transformed the spaces, creating a clean, updated look . Today, I want to highlight a couple of examples where I replaced cement or tile with hardwood. In these two projects I used some of my favorite hardwood flooring picks, a warmer and a cooler option.

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Kitchen Flooring Stain Color. Oak Kitchen Flooring Stain Color. Oak Floor Stain. The flooring is 3 1/4" wide 1 red oak with a 50/50 stain of Jacobean & ebony. #OakFloorStain #Oakflooring #Kictheflooringstaincolor Artista Kitchen & Bath Design

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Kitchen floor stain ... Bona DriFast Stain... My colour choices... Graphite (Ebony Gray Provincial White

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white oak floors and this was a 50/50 mix of Minwax Ebony and Jacobean. wall is San Antonio gray from B Moore

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Weathered Oak was too light and yellow, so Special Walnut is the final choice! Description from I searched for this on

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Nice mid brown with matching tred. You could do the bannister greyish black or white.

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minwax stains we have used "provincial" and been VERY happy. since we almost always use red oak, we know exactly how it will look...provincial is a very neutral, medium brown stain color. (when i say "neutral" i mean a color that doesn't read red or yellow or grey.) here are my favorite "neutral" minwax stains, in order from dark to light:

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"I researched a bit online and found out that many people, including the DIY expert Jenny from LGN suggested a mix of 50% Minwax Jacobean and 50% Ebony. I had tested both those on their own and didn’t like them but together- I think we have a winner!"

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Minwax stain color study, Classic Grey, Special Walnut, Driftwood, & Jacobean

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