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How to make a Chinese Checkers Board


Tic Tac Toe Block Set... Fun for Play Room or Game Room

I like this game as it looks very easy to make and will be very fun as there is few pieces to play with, so you cant lose them, as they are big. I can also make them any colour I want


Make Your Own Marble Maze

This is good but simple game to create. It would be easy to store and transport as it is not very big. I don't think it would be beyond my already existing skills to make this in the given amount of time. It is similar to some of the other marble maze games I've pinned but it has a different twist, so I might be able to combine some of the qualities from the two games to create a unique new one.


My wife and I are addicted to board games. We play at least one board game per day. Generally it is SORRY but we have been known to wear out a Chinese Checkers set or two. After a random google ima…