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Woodpecker Identification Chart | Exploring Nature Educational Resource

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Northern Flicker woodpeckers are one of the most beautiful and widespread woodpeckers in North America. - photographer Ursula Vernon

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Red-bellied woodpecker

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Pileated woodpecker, by Robert Mislan. Jasper and I heard a woodpecker when we were out walking this morning. We have the pileated and the regular woodpeckers here in Florida.

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Hairy Woodpecker, a medium sized woodpecker, averaging 9.75 inches in length with 15 inch wingspan. The Hairy Woodpecker inhabits mature deciduous forests in the Bahamas, Central America, the United States, and Canada.

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Male Northern Flicker Woodpecker by Jason Paluck, via Flickr

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Red Bellied Woodpecker

Red-bellied woodpecker • photo: Ron Jones

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northern flicker

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Pileated Woodpecker and other birds

Pileated woodpecker

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Red-headed woodpecker - We have spotted 4 of these birds living in our backyard this year :)

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Downy Woodpecker...small as woodpeckers go. The female has the same coloring except she has no red dot on her head.

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Blond-crested Woodpecker (Celeus flavescens) - photo by Octavio Campos Salles, via Flickr;

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