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Repurposed wool sweaters. Felt 100% wool sweater, cut off 2 pieces from the cuff end of sleeve. Add a row of blanket stitch, then single crochet around. You can add a button to the cuff, or this time I made a fabric flower. Toasty

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Oversized , Chunky knit sweater. Slouchy/ Bulky / Loose fit sweater. Creamy wool sweater

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100% WOOL WOMEN'S Recycled Sweater Mittens - Fur Cuffed Grey Leather Fringe

Indulge your hands with these beautiful eco-friendly wool mittens! Designed and created from wool sweaters, lined with polar fleece and an

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Felted Wool Sweater Blanket Tutorial - from old wool sweaters. I really like this idea, but it annoys me to have sweaters piled up waiting to become a blanket when someone else could be using them if I donated them to Goodwill.

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