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Cameo-Word up 1986 I think the word is he should find some different trousers, but this was a very popular song back then.

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I don't want perfection; I want someone just as screwed up as I am, and loves just as hard.

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If she confides in you and shares her story...she must picture you in her future. She's not the type of woman to open up about personal pain with just anyone. Remember that.

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I called it. good riddance . Some things never change. People don't know the real you... What a b**** you really are! Acting all innocent and like you're this wonderful mom and wife bullshit! Don't forget all the lies and manipulative things you have done.

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Word Up! video is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx Anyone else notice Grimmy and Sporty Spice ?!?!

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