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Conflict—Giving LIFE to Your Fiction

Conflict: Giving Life to Your Fiction | Kristen Lamb's Blog | #writing


Totally imagine Kace and summer: "To making perfect, we're a galere." "What the hell is a galere?!" "A group of undesirable people." "Since when did you start speaking Martian?"


These are the types of people who make me feel bad for Jesus. He apparently has no say in who speaks for him.


"This list isnt comprised of strategies or techniques: these are fourteen overarching themes in Scripture that when properly understood offer a vivid picture of Gods calling for parents. 1. Calling: Nothing is more important in your life than being one of Gods tools to shape a human soul. In a couple brief but profound paragraphs Deuteronomy 6:49 and 2023 summarize the value that God places on parenting. 2. Grace: God never calls you to a task without giving you what you need to do it. He…


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Emoji Character Traits

Ever asked your students to describe a character? Good, bad, nice, mean? Yes, I've had that lesson fail and I figured out what to do about it. Provide your students with a set of EMOJI STYLE character traits and definitions that will have them increasing the level of their vocabulary in no time! 48 character traits, activity sheets, lesson ideas, great for poster, bulletin board, word of week, and more!


But in past I was happy for a while, but then not anymore... I miss this persons who seen me really happy and not my fake-smile

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Shop – The best ebooks to learn French

avoir la poisse - to have bad luck For more French expressions you can learn daily, get a copy of 365 Days of French Expressions. Covers a wide range of expressions and colloquial phrases: with meaning, their literal translation, and examples. With FREE AUDIO for pronunciation and listening practice!