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The best time for new beginnings.

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This is more than just a quote for best friends,

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i put this pin in the ebst quote as i wanna soon to be read shared and understood,please really we have never to forget this; Always help the abused people that have not been cannot understand but if u an hearth make an effort and never abandon them thanks much

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Here happy new year 2016 quotes,new year wishes,wish your friends and family with these best inspirational happy new year messages for the year 2017

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a leo will be the best friend, but when mad, they attack. usually, their words cut to the core and hurt worse than any physical blow.

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Always remember the last words spoken, the ultimate reasons of "why" life is as it is now. You need to stop this and move on. There is no more chances, no more us. I am dating now, I am happy - I have found love in my best friend. Let go!

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Either way suits me. I'm all for bamf Feyre. Or bamf Feyre with her bamf best friends Amren and Mor. Or with her bamf sisters Elain and Nesta. Really I'm all for SJM's bamf characters beating @$$

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Be selective, you don't have to say yes to every guy.

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