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#Oil Prices Are All Over The Place Ahead Of Key @OPEC Meeting Oil priceshave been whipsawed in recent days ahead of a key meeting where the worlds largest oil producing-countries must decide whetheror not to curtail production. The price of crude oil rose was up more than 2% to $47.03 a barrel on Monday after a stretch of volatile trading helping to recover steep losses from Friday. Investors are still unsurewhether the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries will be able to…

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The High Cost of Oil

The High Cost of Oil: The crude that would feed the XL pipeline comes from a once pristine part of Alberta that now resembles mining operations on a sci-fi planet. At places like Fort McKay, home to First Nations people who've lived there for centuries, the money is great but the environmental and health impacts are exceedingly grim. The world has to have fuel. Is this simply the price that must be paid?


Picture of the day for November 26 2016 at 04:10PM from 'Daily Overview; Cargo ships and oil tankers wait outside the entrance to the Port of Singapore. This is one of my favorites from Overview which is on sale right now for only $18.49 on Amazon when you use the coupon code HOLIDAYBOOK here: Thats 54% off and certainly the lowest price you will find before the holidays! The Port of Singapore is the worlds second-busiest port in terms of total tonnage shipping a…

ECONOMY, Russia produces 12% of the world's oil. Russia's oil comes from Siberia and the oil is slowly running out. The stock price for oil dropped 70% in 2015. 35% of Russia's oil exports is crude petroleum, 20% is refined petroleum, and 8% is petroleum gas. That means that 63% of Russia's exports is some sort of petroleum.

Say cheese! Awkward Trump-Romney pic is perfect meme fodder - CNET Donald Trump and Mitt Romney in an awkward dinner photo. Photo by Drew Angerer Getty Images Social media is eating up a Dinner for Schmucks-like picture of Mitt Romney and Donald Trump. Meanwhile the plot thickens for a viral photo of a man outside a Texas mosque. Social Cues is our guide on whats trending on Facebook and Twitter. Heres…

#world #news Reuters: Oil prices fall over doubts of planned crude output cut #FreeKarpiuk #FreeUkraine

Oil prices are back above $50 a barrel -- thanks largely to OPEC's willingness to once again act as the world's crude referee. Oil returned back above the magic $50 level on Thursday for the first time since late June.

Oil, a fossil fuel that can take decades to form, runs most forms of transportation and fuels our homes and industries. Humans have depleted the current store of this fossil fuel and it is estimated that we could run out as early as 2018. However, this does not have to send us into a global crisis. Esso Oil Co. is collaborating with General Motors and Toyota to produce hybrids and fuel-cell cars, and Shell gas station now provides us with greenhouse gas reducing ethanol fuel.

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Check Out The Infographic The White House Released To Show It's Doing Everything It Can On Gas Prices

Check Out The #infographic The White House Released To Show It's Doing Everything It Can On Gas Prices