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Algunos datos sobre el petróleo #infografia #infographic

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Why oil prices keep falling — and throwing the world into turmoil

The High Cost of Oil

The High Cost of Oil: The crude that would feed the XL pipeline comes from a once pristine part of Alberta that now resembles mining operations on a sci-fi planet. At places like Fort McKay, home to First Nations people who've lived there for centuries, the money is great but the environmental and health impacts are exceedingly grim. The world has to have fuel. Is this simply the price that must be paid?

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As OPEC discusses a reduction of output of crude oil in order to support prices, the World Energy Council released an elaborate report on how global energy markets and demand might shirt of the next decades. One of many findings of the report is the assumption that global oil demand is set to peak out in 2030.

Check Out The Infographic The White House Released To Show It's Doing Everything It Can On Gas Prices

Check Out The #infographic The White House Released To Show It's Doing Everything It Can On Gas Prices

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Lahore High Court Justice Abid Aziz Sheikh, leader of the Movement Re raised spending Abbas requested the hearing, request that the government receives additional sales tax on petroleum products without the approval of Parliament, despite low oil prices in the world market are.

#Oil Prices Are All Over The Place Ahead Of Key @OPEC Meeting Oil priceshave been whipsawed in recent days ahead of a key meeting where the worlds largest oil producing-countries must decide whetheror not to curtail production. The price of crude oil rose was up more than 2% to $47.03 a barrel on Monday after a stretch of volatile trading helping to recover steep losses from Friday. Investors are still unsurewhether the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries will be able to…

Crude oil at four-year low after Saudi Arabia price cut

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