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World of Warcraft: Log In Or Risk Losing Your Name -

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The Art of Warcraft Film - DoomHammer, Wei Wang on ArtStation at

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World of Warcraft - A Pre-Paid, 60-Day Subscription to World of Warcraft Requires World of Warcraft Standard Game - Box Contains Game Card Only

Remember that World of Warcraft theme park that was being built in China? The one that Blizzard had absolutely nothing to do with? Well, it opened - and photographs of it are now circulating the Internet courtesy of Reddit user FrancescaO_O.

Previous World of Warcraft subscribers can return to the world of Azeroth for free right now. Any player that has subscribed in the past can check their account to see if they’re eligible for seven, free days of play. Simply visit the official site, log in, click a valid World of Warcraft license, and check the Referrals and Rewards section of that page to activate the credit.

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