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These 10 Rare Photos Were Just Dug Up From History Vaults...You'll Want to See Them.

Arms (6)The Great War - Helmets of World War I German Trench helmet looks like a Darth Vader helmet lol

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First World War: The Third Battle of Ypres – The Leading British Offensive Of 1917

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WWI amputees

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WWI, 2 Jan 1916: The ruins of the Chateau at Contalmaison, the cellars of which were used as a dressing station. ©IWM

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70 Years Ago Today: 30 Photos Capturing the Day World War II Ended

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PICTURES FROM HISTORY: Rare Images Of War, History , WW2, Nazi Germany: Eastern Front (Russian Front) Second World War: 1945: The Last Months Of the War

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This is a news article from the New York Tribune released at the end of WWI. It clearly states, in the title, that Germany surrendered.

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