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@balancedlitdiet ---> Dramatic Weather! Amazing take on the dramatic play area that really supports oral language, vocabulary, and early reading and writing.

from WDW Prep School

How to handle the weather at Disney World

When planning a dream vacation most people find themselves checking (and rechecking) the weather forecasts as their trip approaches. And, if the weather reports you are looking at include a trip to Florida, it's not unusual for the forecast to be plastered with a variety of weather conditions...

from Columbia

Men’s OutDry™ Ex Gold Down Hooded Jacket

We can’t change the weather, but we did change the industry with the OutDry™ Extreme Gold Down Jacket. The world’s first waterproof and breathable puffy will keep you warm, dry and far less worried about tomorrow’s forecast.


Weather Unit - NASA's Our World: What Is Weather? Video - This NASA video segment focuses on the relationship between weather and climate. Learn more about the interconnectedness of heat, air pressure, winds, and moisture to produce local weather.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

El Tiempo Spanish Weather Research Project

El Tiempo Spanish Weather Research Project For this project students research the weather in one of the Spanish-speaking cities around the world. Students use the template to record the following information: -coldest months -warmest months -rainiest mon

from Stir The Wonder

Otis and the Tornado Science Activity

Read Otis and the Tornado, then do this Tornado in a Bottle Science Activity to give a hands-on demonstration for how tornados swirl in the sky! It's the perfect activity to pair with this book about wild weather and helping those in need, even if they haven't always been nice!


Dr. Philip Emeagwali Inventor of the World's Fastest Computer Dr. Philip Emeagwali's resume is loaded with many other such feats, including ways of making oil fields more productive. As one of the most famous African-American inventors of the 20th century, Dr. Emeagwali also has won the Gordon Bell Prize – the Nobel Prize for computation. His computers are currently being used to forecast the weather and to predict the likelihood and effects of future global warming.