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One of the most amazing things I've heard of, I wish things like this happened all over the world.

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This Kid.... will help the world someday

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My great grandfather was shot in the chest by a German soldier during World War I. Luckily the coins in his breast pocket absorbed the bullet and saved his life. You could say he didn't need much money to survive

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45 of the Funniest Mormon Memes

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Why do people always want to be doing things anyway? No. I do not want to go anywhere. I do not want to do anything. I want the world to just be quiet for awhile.

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Funniest Memes -

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Top 40 Funniest Minions Pics and Memes

Actually... There is a cure. :> And it would take care of overpopulation & the rapid decline of natural resources! Win-win. :D Of course, the humans left would probably fit comfortably in a single continent. ;) Just sayin... :P

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World's funniest insults collection picture

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These Parenting Memes Are Absolutely PERFECT

Parenting is the hardest gig in the world, which is why you need a sense of humor to keep from going insane. If you're currently in the middle of trying to find the one tiny toy among the 3,253 other toys that you child wants to play with and need a laugh, have no fear...there's a meme for that. 46 of them, in fact, because we've found the most hilarious memes from the funniest parents on the web!

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