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Phases of wound healing: hemostasis,Inflammatory phase,proliferation phase and maturation phase #nursing #notes #wound

Table 2. Factors that Delay the Wound Healing Process - > Advances in Wound Management

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How a Cut Heals classroom poster .pdf file

How a Cut Heals classroom poster .pdf file. Excellent resource for First Aid badge reference.


Exudate: The Type and Amount Is Telling You Something. Wound care clinicians need to know about the different types of exudate - and how much is present - for successful wound treatment and healing.


Comfrey, also known by the descriptive name “knit bone”, is an excellent plant for healing cuts, abrasions, bruises, torn ligaments, tendons, and broken bones. I have learned first hand the powerful wound healing of comfrey. Learn safe sources of comfrey and how to use its powerful healing properties.

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The Disease-Fighting Benefits Of Fruit (Infographic)

Health Benefits of Turmeric ❥➥❥ prevents progression of Alzheimer's disease, NATURAL Antibiotic, Anti-inflammatory, speeds-up wound-healing, blood purifier, helps Coughs, helps prevent cancer