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triaxial structure? other examples I've seen (via Nora Rogers) have two diagonals plus weft. This has the two diagonals plus weft AND warp!

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Grey Rhythm - Handwoven cushion cover

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To think we are alone in any way, shape or form defies all logic, intuitive sense or basic instinct.

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Research Notes: Woven Cloth

Woven cloth is created using a device called a loom. Using the loom, we can create woven cloth that is comprised of two yarns. The first set of yarn placed on the loom is known as the warp, and it is held under tension with each yarn strand spaced parallel to each other. The second set of yarn, known as the weft, is horizontally interlaced through the warp. Depending on the type of yarns interlaced together and the weave structure, the resulting woven cloth can have varying looks and hands.

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One of our favorite ways to finish hand woven fabric is with a hemstitch. It's simple, secure and very beautiful! Here's how to do it...

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