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The layout juxtaposes the plane and butterfly to give a clear description of the article's topic. The photos are evenly placed and wrap around the text perfectly.

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Design Firm Report – David Carson Design

When David Carson worked with Pepsi Cola in one of Pepsi advertisiment, he showed a long paragraph of text in the shape of a pepsi can or bottle, making a entire paragraph saying all kind of things that relate to every part of the demographic in some way. Using a black color font, capitals, and the same size of the typography you can read all the expectation people had and with red color, lower case and big fonts you can red the final message from Pepsi.

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Formatting text pt. 1: blank lines, alignment, wrap-around, two columns

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: Serenity Prayer The thing I love the most about this is the fact that it wraps around like a tiny, simple bracelet with green lettering

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I love the column of type hugs the image. The sharp edges mirror the triangular images on the left side. Although there is alot of type here, I think it is contrasted nicely with the image of the woman. The yellow also brings interest to the spread.

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Magazine double page spread by Anthony Cruz. This caught my eye because the text wrapping around the image is appealing and makes the image stand out. The simple lightening bold across the page adds to a particular consistent colour theme.

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