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Wrestling Mart

James Brent Isaacs aka Tigermonkey aka B-Mart aka NEW FAVORITE PERSON!!! Watch his blog about his quest to be Thumb Wrestling champion or see him in Emma Approved!!!!

I never imagined that there were such things as Sumo wrestler trading cards until I discovered these in an Asian antiques mart here in Maryland. I had to buy a bunch. I LOVE them. Wrestling

Wal-Mart Fight 2 Women 1 Little Boy, N-Word Used? WWF Wal-Mart Wrestling Federation? - YouTube

The Patio Set of your Dreams Checkout Erick Chavarria (wrestling with chair) new K-Mart spot. Go Erick!

Private Officer Breaking News: Richmond County Ga. deputy uses Taser to subdue combative shoplifter A deputy tried to arrest RUSSELL JOHNSON for shoplifting at Wal-Mart. According to an incident report, JOHNSON ran away and had to be wrestled to the floor by the deputy. It goes on to say JOHNSON wouldn't cooperate, so the deputy used his taser. JOHNSON faces several charges including obstruction of law enforcement.