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50 Self-Love Writing Prompts

Want to excel at your self love journey? Here are 50 self love writing prompts for you to use in you journal, online, or however you choose! Click through, because there's also a chance for you to get featured on Uncustomary!

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Write a Love Letter to Yourself from SoulPancake :: I want to hug the lady in the green sweater + give her an "I am enough" necklace. Think about writing your own love letter to you today. xoxo, Liz

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Wow, I love this love letter!!! ❤❤❤❤ I want to write a love letter to my husband the day before we marry if I ever get married again!! Something he can read right before we walk down the aisle!! -Brandy Mathews

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We love this! Sending a letter means so much more than a text or an email. Visit for more ways to share the love.

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This is so lovely...My lovely girl was miracle from god. Allowing me to get pregnant after 17 years of trying and being told I would never have a child

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How to Write a Romantic Love Letter That Will Make Your Spouse's Heart Sing

Sometimes:’s hard to tell your spouse how much you love them. want to surprise them with the unexpected. ...a text message or email just won’t do. It’s time to go old school & write a love letter or note. There's something about holding & reading the words your loved one is sharing with you. It’s an expression of time & commitment. Seeing their handwriting, reading their feelings - has a profound effect on you. Write a love note & leave it where it will surprise them.

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Not that is how you write a Love Letter - Messy Nessy Chic : letter from American novelist Henry Miller to Cuban diarist Anais Nin

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