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Are you thinking about writing a novel in multiple points of view but just don’t know where to start? Here’s a helpful beginner’s guide:

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Bottled dreams.

This could have potential -- what if you opted to sell a dream, but didn't get a chance to change your mind about selling it after you had it? Like a romantic dream that gets bottled and taken right on the spot, but the MC is majorly not okay with the dream that was take

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7 point story structure

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5 Strategies for Writing Realistic Dialog

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New year's Writing Prompts-Jan 2017-New year, new me, he said, raising a glass in his empty apartment. The door flew open on the twelfth chime.

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Writing the Other is an excellent site that offers a slew of information on writing characters different from you. I found the On-Demand Masterclasses to be incredibly helpful, and have since ordered the book. I recommend at least a quick skim-through to see if there is any info you find helpful in developing your characters!

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Just a boy.

a boy ... is he important? will his love of her cause scandal? Or is he just a farm boy, poor and perfect, whose parents won't approve of a woman who travels and adventures and lives dangerously?

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No records.

Um yeah well the United States elected a cheeto for president so I would also be frightened to find that out

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How to Write Backstory but Not Bog Down your Book

How to Write Backstory but Not Bog Down your Book | Now Novel

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