World War One: The circus animals that helped Britain

Fascinating article from BBC about the conscription of circus animals due to shortages of horses.


'Make do and mend': Posters from WWI can inspire today

To send food to troops abroad, Americans would minimize their usage with meat and wheat and send the rest to troops. Americans participated in "Meatless Mondays" and "Wheat less Wednesdays."


Commentators (esp. British) constructed a dichotomy between chivalrous air duels and atrocious air raids. Home pilots were honorable knights justly defending the empire; whereas, enemy bomber-pilot embodied the anti-knight, cruelly attacking women, children, wounded, sick, and the infirm. This British placard depicts German bombers targeting a Red Cross field hospital. Kaiser Wilhelm II gleefully points and tells Field Marshal von Hindenburg, "Look! ...My German Heroes!" WW1 propaganda [c…


14 Wonderful Vintage Canadian Propaganda Posters

Another poster that encourages women to ration food during the war. This poster intends to make people think about what they eat - and, in a sense, make them feel guilty if they are eating wastefully.

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