The Undertaker Appears After RAW Goes Off The Air -

Author Announces Book About The Undertaker, Backstage Note on the WWE Network - See more at: www.

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WWE ‘Bring It To The Table’ Recap: Conor McGregor, Hulk Hogan In WWE, Undertaker Vs. Cena, Lesnar Vs. Goldberg At ‘WrestleMania’

In a show that constantly bordered between kayfabe and shoot — not unlike the weekly Talking Smack and the post-PPV Raw Talk shows on the WWE Network — Peter Rosenberg represented the WWE .

Taker. in the business longer then anyone and still going

The Undertaker Real Name: Mark Callaway Hometown: ' Death Valley, California ' Weight:

WWE News: ‘Monday Night RAW’ Preview — Undertaker Returns, Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch

Last week’s episode of WWE RAW featured two of the most brutal beatings that the WWE Universe has witnessed in quite some time. After Brock Lesnar attacked him in the parking garage and sent .

The Undertaker to Return on WWE Raw 1000?

The Undertaker. Hated him as a kid cuz he literally scared me, but as an adult huge fan one of a kind. Great Talented big man in the business.