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Finally an easy way to catch your lying ISP right from your desktop Read more Technology News Here --> It is now easier than ever to make sure your internet service provider isn't ripping you off. Ookla the company behind launched new Speedtest desktop apps for Windows 10 and macOS Monday. Using the new apps users can test internet speeds directly from their menu bars without having to open a browser. These lightweight apps have a speedometer…

This is a broadband speed test. It can be used on landline but there is also a mobile app available.

查看我的 @Behance 项目:“speedtest测速 UI” by Ookla - Глобальная проверка скорости широкополосных соединений

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Speedtest Net Dodo Cool Test 2.4 GHz


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Test your Internet connection bandwidth to locations around the world with this interactive broadband speed testhang929

pin 1 by Ookla - Ookla Speedtest Mini

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Cara untuk Claim Rebate dari UNIFI bila speed internet tak capai speed minimum. Kepada pelanggan UNIFI silalah Call 100 guna talian tetap unifi (FREE) dan buat report kalau Internet speed tak capai minimum requirement dalam kontrak... Kalau 10Mbps minimum kena konsisten 8Mbps all day long... Asal slow je Internet buat speed test screenshot or amek gambar jadikan bukti... Then Call n buat report kebiasaannya Call center akan cakap dorang nak reset Port then panggilan akan terputus…

Speakeasy Speed Test

Need to Test Your Internet Speed? Try

Screenshot of an Internet speed test at by Ookla - Глобальная проверка скорости широкополосных соединений

Test de veloccidad: SPEEDTEST

A nice website to test your Internet speed. Be sure to run the test a few times to get an average. The site traffic may skew the numbers a bit (just as other speed test sites have happen).