Roman numeral marathon tattoo

Roman numeral marathon tattoo - totally getting this after I finish my first marathon in October. Minus the "no fear" part

Wedding dates tattooed. When we get home from our honeymoon! I like the Roman numeral.

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Xiii Roman Numeral Tattoo Roman Numeral 13 Tattoo

Xiii Roman Numeral Tattoo Roman Numeral 13 Tattoo

Like the idea of roman numeral tattoos

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Sibling tattoo with your birth order! Not sure if that is what her's means but it is what I would do.

For sibling tattoos: Roman numerals. Could go with IV since there are four of us or each of us get the roman numeral for where we are in the sibling line up. 74 Of The Tiniest, Most Tasteful Tattoos Ever

design your own plate necklace to remember ANY special moment!:)

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Roman numeral tattoo

Roman numeral tattoos have become so popular. We find various celebs in sports and music industry adopting these types of tattoos.

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Shoulder tattoo,Wedding date in Roman numerals 15.8.2015 nearly a year ago already

Shoulder tattoo, Special date in Roman numerals- i would want the year my mom/dad/mommom/poppop died