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Y The Last Man Book One by Brian K. Vaughan

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Y: The Last Man Amazing graphic novel about what would happen if every male on Earth died except one.

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I know, I know, comic books have a stigma. But even if you are mildly curious, I recommend Y the Last Man. No superheroes, just great story telling.

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The Last Samurai - "And so the days of the Samurai had ended. Nations, like men, it is sometimes said, have their own destiny. As for the American Captain, no one knows what became of him. Some say that he died of his wounds. Others, that he returned to his own country. But I like to think he may have at last found some small measure of peace, that we all seek, and few of us ever find."

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"For those not in the know, Pia Guerra was the penciller for almost the entire run of Y the Last Man, one of the far too small pool of female artists in the industry..."

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The Wise Man's Fear: The Kingkiller Chronicle: Day Two (Kingkiller Chronicles) by Patrick Rothfuss

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“Late last night and the night before, tommyknockers, tommyknockers knocking on my door. I wanna go out, don't know if I can 'cuz I'm so afraid of the tommyknocker man.”

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