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Dog Waste Composter » The Doggie Dooley Pet Waste Disposal System | PetSmart

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Yolieville: Free Printable Planner Stickers - Recycle, Yard Waste, Trash Truck

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Not really a craft but something to consider if you have multiple dogs. Pet Waste Composting. There is also a link to City Farmer's Step-By-Step photo guide to making a dog waste composter in your back yard.

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A dog waste compost system that you just bury in the corner, and scoop the poop into it. It breaks it down and eliminates it with enzymes. For my dog loving, and yard loving friends. @Michelle Flynn Snow @Audra Harris Sergel @Laura Jayson Davis @Ron Haydon Martin

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Alang, India shipbreaking yard...every month at full moon and high tide, tired tankers, freighters, warships and cruise ships are run up on the beach at full speed. Then 1000s of men, many without shoes, attack the ship with hacksaws, blowtorches and sledgehammers. Within 6 weeks the ship is completely ripped apart, it's bilge tanks and hazardous wastes and chemicals dumped right in the ocean. There are mountains of life boats, life jackets, engines, generators, portholes and more.

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Waste disposal, outhouses were commonly used into the 1950's, and are still used in cottage country.

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