There are so many different types of flowers from around the world. This list offers some of the most popular that have their own spectacular features.

The Most Beautiful & Popular Different Types Of Flowers For Your Garden Or Home

For any girl, I would pick a field of flowers. For the right girl, I would plant a field of flowers for her. (Love this! wish someone would plant a field of yellow tulips for me ;

Heterochromia: a beautiful mutation. Heterochromia is relatively rare – it affects around 11 in every 1,000 people in America – but it can develop over time. It can be inherited from one’s parents and come about as a result of various conditions – both genetic and acquired. In spite of this, it is not necessarily a sign of underlying health issues.

Just a beautiful mutation

Heterochromia - a beautiful mutation of the iris.I had no idea that it was a mutation. My eyes are blue on the outsides and fade to yellow around the irises. Depending on my mood and what I wear my eyes change color.

17 low maintenance perennial flowers for the garden

17 Low Maintenance Perennials

Seeds and Things Black-Eyed Susan - Seeds (Rudbeckia hirta) Put a kiss of sunshine in your garden!

Gray Wolf peering around a tree

Melanistic Gray Wolf peering around a tree. Wolves feel so mysterious . If you believed in shapeshifting I wouldn't be a cat, I'd definetly be this cool guy right here.

Today's Look : "I'll Wrap my hands around your neck so Tight with Love" -Linda Hallberg (Stunning is the word that comes to mind with this eye look. The brightest of yellows, purple, teal, orange and gold, and that lip color!)07/15/13 Nars Duo Eyeshadow Fashion Rebel, Mug eyeshadows Pixie Dust, Envy, & Chickadee

This feels like a very girly, glamorous version of a Maleficent look! From original pin: Nars Duo Eyeshadow Fashion Rebel, Mug eyeshadows Pixie Dust, Envy, & Chickadee

A baby long-eared bat, being raised by an animal rescue group in the UK. Description from I searched for this on

Baby bat, aww, he's cute, too. Look at those big baby eyes. And he'll grow up and eat all those pesky insects (like mosquitoes! You go, Baby Bat! Except he's not an insectivorous bat and lives off nectar and fruit

she was alone, no one cared to think about her. she would always have ravens around her and she hated anything bright. but maybe it because she was different, maybe its because she was a vampire. (RP)

(CLOSED)I lost everything, and before I knew it, everything seemed to fade. "Please help me." I whispered to no one.I wanted to cry, but I couldn't. If only someone would turn my life around.

Bathroom Inspiration: 10 Colorful Clawfoot Tubs

Bathroom Inspiration: 10 Colorful Clawfoot Tubs

designsponge ba 9 19 april after - I think some chevrons and some yellow could make a grand difference

TUTORIAL :: "Eastern Sunrise" by #nicolakatemakeup ::  UDPP. Coral pink e/s from BH Cosmetics 120 Color Palette 2nd Ed, blended into crease. Med purple e/s (same palette) to deepen crease/outer corner/outer lower lashline. Motives 'Gold Rush' e/s on rest of lid/around tear duct/inner lower lashline. UD Yeyo e/s on browbone. Inglot AMC Gel Liner #77 to line eyes/upper waterline. Motives for LaLa 'Violet' kohl eyeliner pencil along lower waterline. Eyeko Skinny Brush mascara. Eldora H125…

Funky colorful eye makeup idea for pretty blue-green or with shimmery yellow, pink, and purple eye shadow and a classic black cat eye liner, finished off with a pair of synthetic false eyelashes.