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She swore he had eyes of gold. (except Ophelia has eyes of gold, and Marten has eyes of grey)

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Vision: the user has eyes that are similar to a cats. They reflect a golden color when light shines on them. The user has the ability to see perfectly well in darkness.

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Amberleap is 17 moons old,Jungleclan's medicine cat.she is siblings with Frostclaw and she is a girl.her apprentice is Moonpaw.

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mebi oso na hit choda op nodataim ] pinterest; likethenumber

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Discount contacts - This site is not discount contacts but I'm pinning the idea because colored contacts are available - make sure you choose a reputable company with a good product - check with ophthalmologist or optometrist

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[Fantasy RP] Your Character(s) Are the top mages in Tje valley and they find Kiyom in a room reading a classic age spell book, she seems to be having trouble with a fire spell. Does your character(s) laugh at her or help her?

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