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Roasted Summer Squash

Roasted Summer Squash ~ This vegetable dish is so simple to make, yet so delicious... The yellow summer squash is drizzled with olive oil and tossed in some simple seasonings and roasted in a hot oven creating the perfect roasted flavor.

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Mashed yellow summer squash. My grandmother used to make with onions in it but didn't add any dairy. She would freeze quarts of it so we would have it all year.

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Squash Fritters

Squash Fritters - 1 lb yellow summer squash, peeled and grated 1 cup all-purpose flour 1 egg 1/2 tsp sugar 1/2 tsp salt vegetable oil mix and fry in oil

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Summer Squash Pasta with Garlic and Tomatoes

Summer Squash Pasta with Garlic and Tomatoes Spiralized yellow squash is transformed into noodles. Topped with fresh tomatoes and spices. This is one of my favorite "pasta" recipes.

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The taste of summer in yellow squash chips

Taste of Summer in Yellow Squash Chips - The bounty of the garden always comes alive with the baskets of yellow summer squash making their way into my kitchen. I am always looking for new ways to work them into my meal plans so this year I found a way to work them into my snack plan.

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Yellow Summer Squash Bake

Squash bake...OMG! Pork rinds on top! Why haven't i ever thought of that! But i would NOT seed, pre-boil or mash the squash. Just slice thinly on a mandolin. Sounds so good!

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Fried Yellow Squash

Fried Yellow Squash from This recipe is an old favorite. I am certain everyone prepares it this way at sometime or another. I can't imagine a summer that would pass without having this at least once a week when the harvest is in

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