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Beema Yellow Wagtail - Jubail by Jem Babbington

Conservation status: Red The yellow wagtail is a small, graceful, yellow and green bird, with a medium-length tail and slender black legs. It spends much time walking or running on the ground. As its name implies, it wags its tail from time to time. It is a summer visitor, migrating to winter in Africa. It breeds in a variety of habitats in the UK, including arable farmland, wet pastures and upland hay meadows. Serious declines in breeding numbers accross all of these habitats place the…


Yellow Wagtail has been split into 2 species: Western Yellow Wagtail, Motacilla flava Eastern Yellow Wagtail, Motacilla tschutschensis

from Etsy

1890 Antique print of a YELLOW WAGTAIL BIRD with Nest. Songbirds. Print of birds. Ornithology print. 126 years old beautiful lithograph