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Yearly Reading Plan

I’ve had a really productive couple of days in this New Year including figuring out this Yearly Reading Plan. Yes I know you can’t cook it! But I am a big reader. Actually the majority of my reading these days is spent with my children. I read aloud to them most nights at bedtime and...

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I can be mean as fuck

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i need this shirt❤️

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Oh yes, they are complete @$$holes

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Arm yourself with knowledge!

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Yes, I can play the piano, and YES I can play Für Elise. It's handy having it memorized :)

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Yes my dear sweet amazing love of my life, my soul mate, my EVERYTHING!!! When I say "I LOVE YOU", I am saying so much much more than I can ever explain or describe!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF!! Apart from you..I am empty and nothing!!! I love you so much!! <3

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Adorably Clumsy Will! Can see this happening (from Tumblr)

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#INFJ As a textbook introvert and someone who can honestly relate to this post, I don't mean to be so anti-social but it's just I find peace in the depths of my own mind.

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